Welcome Message

Welcome to the Families Australia website. We work to improve the wellbeing of families, especially those experiencing the greatest vulnerability and marginalisation. Families Australia does this by providing policy advice to the Australian Parliament and Government and by running national events such as National Families Week and Child Aware Conferences which focus attention on the vitally important role of families as well as many of the pressing challenges they face.

Families Australia takes a ‘hands-on’ approach by partnering with governments, service delivery organisations and researchers to suggest, trial and deliver practical, innovative solutions to problems facing families. We have a particular focus on improving child safety and wellbeing and ending family and domestic violence.

For over a decade, we have organised National Families Week. National Families Week is held in May each year and is Australia’s major celebration of the vital role that families play in our society. Tens of thousands of people participate in hundreds of community events around Australia each year.

Another highlight in our calendar is the Child Aware Conference which showcases innovative and promising practices in working with families and children from around Australia.

Please consider joining us at Families Australia as we work together to improve family wellbeing.

With best wishes

Dr Brian Babington, CEO