Three pledges for families in the 2016 Federal Election

Too many families experience deep and persistent disadvantage and marginalisation. In human and economic terms, the cost is enormous.

The 2 July 2016 Federal election is a critically important opportunity for Australia’s political leaders to signal their support for families experiencing the greatest disadvantage.

Of many issues that confront Australia’s families, Families Australia urges political leaders specifically to pledge three things this election campaign:

  • First, raise levels of financial support for child safety and wellbeing.
  • Second, increase efforts to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australians with particular regard to child protection.
  • Third, better support for adult survivors of child sexual and other abuse in institutions.

Click here to read more about Families Australia’s 2016 Federal election proposals.

Dr Brian Babington
Chief Executive Officer

31 May 2016