Resources: Family, Domestic & Sexual Violence


  • ANROWS: Mobilizing Knowledge for Wicked Problems: Lessons Learned from Gender-Based Violence Research. More
  • AWAVA: Good Practice Principles in Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. More
  • Insight Exchange: Follow my lead. More
  • Our Watch: Respectful Relationships Education tool kit and resources. More
  • RESPECT: Stop it at the start. More


  • AIJA: Legal resource: National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book. More
  • Australian Catholic University: Service system responses to children and young people in the statutory child protection system who have experienced or witnessed family violence. More
  • AWAVA: Steps you can take to help end violence against women. More
  • CFECFW: Video | Infant mental health and family violence. More
  • DVRC: Are you safe at home? website for those concerned about family violence for self or others. More
  • DVRC: Are you safe at home? flyers about abuse and violence in relationships and the family translated in community languages. More
  • Insight Exchange: Follow My Lead: from the voices of people with lived experience of domestic & family violence. More
  • Insight Exchange: Reflections kit to build understanding, decision making around domestic & family violence. Insight: More
  • Insight Exchange: My dignity: My body is mine for those experiencing or responding to sexualised violence. More
  • Northern Integrated Family Violence Services Partnership : Aligning Practice – A guide to family violence counselling. More
  • No to Violence: working together to end men’s family violence resources page. More
  • NSW Children’s Guardian: Guide for engaging sensitively with abuse survivors. More
  • Our Watch: No excuse for abuse campaign. More
  • Our Watch: Prevention handbook, preventing violence against women by promoting gender equality. More
  • Prevent Together: Six pillars for prevention focuses attention on ending child sexual abuse before a child is harmed. More
  • Raising Children: how to talk to children and teens about sexual abuse; recognising signs of grooming; helplines & services. More
  • Respect Victoria: Re-shaping attitudes | a toolkit for the primary prevention of violence against women. More
  • Sustaining Community: Tips for working from home and dealing with conflict. More
  • The Conversation: New research shows parents are major producers of child sexual abuse material. More
  • The Salvation Army: Start Today Again: fathers healing relationships after family violence. More
  • Safety first in family law. More
  • VIC Govt: MARAM practice guides and resources. More


  • Harvard: The Brain Architects Podcast | COVID-19 special edition | Domestic Violence and Shelter-In-Place. More
  • Insight Exchange: VIDEO | My Safety Kit – An introduction for responders. More
  • NAPCAN/ISPCAN: Young people as the key to preventing violence – how respectful relationships education works. More
  • Our Watch: Story telling video resources to reduce violence. More