Presentations: Policy Forum 22 Aug 2019

Paid parental leave overview: Australia and internationally
Professor Lyndall Strazdins
Clinical Psychologist and Director at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU

Gender equality over the employment life cycle: How PPL fits
Professor Marian Baird AO
Work + Family Policy Roundtable, The University of Sydney

The Work and Family Policy Roundtable: 15 years of advocacy
Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill
Australian Work & Family Policy Roundtable Co-convenor, The University of Sydney

Agenda setting for paid parental leave in Australia
Dr Belinda Townsend
School of Regulation and Global Governance, ANU

Gaps in Australia’s PPL system –inequities and opportunities
Dr Liana Leach
Research School of Population Health, ANU

Policy development in Iceland
Ásdís Aðalbjörg Arnalds
University of Iceland