Mission and values

Families Australia’s vision is that Australian families, in all their diversity, enjoy the greatest possible wellbeing.

As an independent, national, member-based, not-for-profit organisation, Families Australia strives for greater recognition of, and support for, the social, economic, cultural, spiritual, and developmental needs of families, young people and children in Australian communities.

In particular, Families Australia works to relieve the suffering, distress and helplessness of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families and people.

Families Australia does its work by advising the Australian Government and Parliament on ways to improve the wellbeing of families, especially those experiencing vulnerability and marginalisation.

Families Australia:

  • is a national leader that is highly respected for the quality and independence of its work
  • strives to foster a national public policy environment in which family-related issues and the family sector can prosper
  • informs and influences at the highest government levels
  • works closely with its members in developing policy
  • strongly advocates for the diversity and value of families
  • proactively supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations
  • takes a broad and inclusive approach and is practical, constructive and collaborative, and
  • is governed and managed to the highest standards.

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