Child Aware Approaches

Families Australia’s annual Child Aware Approaches Conferences showcase innovative ways to respond early to the needs of children and families.

The conferences bring together a broad range of practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers interested in developing strategies and forging new links to develop deeper understandings of approaches needed to make the safety and wellbeing of Australia’s children a shared community responsibility.

Five Child Aware Approaches Conferences have been held to date.

  • 2017 on ‘Driving national action on child safety and wellbeing’
    2017 conference highlights here.
  • 2016 on ‘Valuing, protecting and promoting child wellbeing’
    2016 conference highlights here.
  • 2015 on ‘Innovations in early intervention, community collaboration and partnership beyond the child & family welfare sector’
  • 2014 on ‘Sharing, building and recognising child aware innovation
  • 2013 onMaking child wellbeing and safety your responsibility’

Conference presentations can be found at the Child Aware website.